Content Marketing: Increase email newsletter click through and CTA conversions using testimonials

So how can you increase the click through rate and conversion from your email newsletters ? In simple terms how can you increase the chances of your subscriber taking that next step you desire them to do by clicking on that button or link or call you after reading your newsletter ?

Content Marketing: Increase email newsletter click through and CTA conversions using testimonials - 2014-content-marketing-trends

Newsletter is one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged with a continuous feed of good quality content. As per the research done by the Content Marketing Institute, It is in the Top 3 as a tactic used by marketers in both B2B and B2C industries.

At the end of the day, the end goal of any content marketing tactic is to be able to get more traffic to your website, get more conversions, and get more qualified leads. There are many things you can do to make your newsletter more engaging. In-fact you have experts who have articles like 100 different things you can do to make your newsletters work better for you. I love all of those suggestions, and i would recommend you to follow them because they are all good. The only thing i have for you is …

Add Testimonials to your Newsletter !

Embedding  snippets of your customer testimonials in your newsletters makes your CTA (calls to action) more credible. When i say testimonials, it includes any of these  – logos, customer names, quotes, stories, spotlights, case studies, videos, photos, reviews,  infograhics,  trending charts, metrics, etc, etc. A dash or pinch of your customer’s vouch adds the much needed credibility to whatever you are trying to say to extra convince your reader/subscriber to take that next step. Test it out !

I have a very good example that  i was really impressed with. Its from the B2C segment this time.

Content Marketing: Increase email newsletter click through and CTA conversions using testimonials -best practices - the bridal photographer example

The Bridal Photographer

His Newsletter has a lovely set of testimonials from his past clients. Those photographs make anyone click on those links to find out more. I am sure if you are his target audience – i.e guys and gals planning for your wedding, you will pick up the phone to call !

Just a word of caution – Two things that you should pay attention to while choosing your testimonials would be

1. make sure your testimonials are real, and look and feel like one

(read this to know more  Best Practices : How to keep testimonials real, and reasons why not to fake them)

2. make sure the testimonials you choose are as much relevant as possible to the context of  you CTA (calls to action)

(read this to know more  Best Practices: Contextual testimonials – examples of features pages that rock )

Content Marketing: Increase email newsletter click through and CTA conversions using testimonials - best practices with example - the bridal photographer

Bonus Tip: David has the luxury of picking photos from his awesome collection. Of-course, he is in the business of photography. But that does not mean that other businesses cannot get some beautiful “real life” photos of their customers. I am 100% sure that your customers will not mind sharing their good moments ! Inherent human desire to share images is the foundation of many successful companies today.  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Flickr, etc, etc …. to name a few 🙂

Test your next newsletter with the best of your testimonials and see what happens. please share your experiences by commenting below

thanks, anupam



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