About Anupam Bonanthaya

Anupam Bonanthaya is an experienced Customer Success Marketer, an Entrepreneur, and the Founder of start-up www.customer-rivet.com (See how to unleash the power of Social Proof  in your Content Marketing with our cloud software – Rivetly). 

Anupam has  extensive experience of more than 8 years in Customer Success Marketing, and more than 15 years in the technology side of Marketing. He has worked in both Start-ups and Fortune 500 companies like Oracle as the global head of strategy & planning in Customer References. One of his specialties is working in a global setting across different regions and cultures.

He loves to travel and spending family time with his wife and 6yr daughter. weekends you can find them in their farm harvesting the veggies, fruits and flowers…. in the middle of the rabbits, ducks, turkeys, cows, dogs, and hamsters  !


This is what people say about Anupam:

He has done an amazing job managing our global customer reference center, taking it from concept to a fully operating business unit. That business unit is mission-critical for our sales and marketing functions.Jeb Dasteel, Chief Customer Officer, Oracle

He combines a strategic vision of business together with a robust process setting and implementation capability. Able to manage within a multinational environment where language and cultural barriers play a crucial role he was successful leading his teams in Europe, US and India.Massimo Vogesi, Global References Senior Director, Oracle.

His ability to understand people and work with them to capitalize on their strengths (and recognize and address their weaknesses) is extremely highly developed. He does this in a mature and calm manner – in the context of accurately managing the business as a whole – that garners respect from all who work with him, and guarantees excellent results from those who work for him.Tony Banham, Vice President Marketing, Oracle.

you can reach Anupam at anupam@customer-rivet.com


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