Self Brand Marketing : Social Proof To Boost Your Career

How to boost your career ? What are the skills that will help you become successful in marketing yourself ?

First, let me give you the bad news.

There is no such thing ! The marketplace is dynamic and saying you will need A,B,C skills is short-sighted and it will always come with an expiry date, because by the time you master something there is always something new. Lets accept that it is a continuous learning process and accordingly the window of opportunity keeps shifting. What is hot today need not remain hot a few months later, and that’s a fact you need to get used to.

But, there is good news !

Here, Let me not give you the fish, but rather teach you how to fish. If i had to pick one skill that is critical to a professional success, that would be Social Proof.

But first what is Social Proof ?

In very simple terms – Social Proof is a marketing term used for “herd mentality” of human beings. We get positively influenced by what others like us are doing, and the influence is very compelling if these people have become successful by doing whatever they are doing. We want to become like them by copying their methods. (also see my recent article on the 21 different kinds of social proof used in marketing)

This can help you in 2 ways in your career –

1. To help you know what are the right skills at any moment.
2. To assure potential employers (or buyers) that you have these skills.

Let’s see what this means –


How can Social Proof help you know –  What are the Hot Skills you should Acquire ?


Self Marketing : How To Boost Your Career With Social Proof - How to Know What Skills are Hot

Get a sense for what are the hot trends in the market by doing any/all of the following

1. Following the trending news topics on popular sites – Example –  Mashable, Huffingtonpost, Steamfeed, etc

2. Watch out for what influencers’ and prominent personalities in your field are talking about – Example – Seth Godin, Dharmesh Shah, Guy Kawasaki, etc

3. See what prominent companies in the field are saying and doing.


Now lets take two examples related to fields close to my heart – Marketing and Technology.


Example 1 –  Top-3 trends in ‘Marketing’

If you look around you – these are the top trends in marketing.

1. How to keep producing a pipeline of content for the insatiable  needs of marketing ?

2. How to use sponsored content in facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc ?

3. More and more people are using smartphones to do things – how to reach them ?

so correspondingly the hot skills would be – content marketing, native ads, mobile marketing, and social media marketing


Example 2 – Top-3 trends in ‘Technology’

Again here if you look around you – these are the top trends in marketing.

1. Wearable Technology – everything from wrist watches to glasses can be a device.

2. Internet of Things – every gadget or device can be connected to the internet.

3. What Actionable Insights can you derive from Data ?


so correspondingly the hot skills would be – Wearable technology, Internet of things, Big Data, and Analytics 


How can Social Proof help you – Assure Employers that you have the Skills ?


Personal Brand Marketing - How can Social Proof help you - Assure Employers that you have the Skills ?

Of-course, you will first need to acquire the skills, and do a good job at it. But as you are doing that, you need to build your social proof – 3rd party proof that can vouch and assure future employers that you have got the skills.

It can be any/all of the following

1. Endorsement from past/present employers – Example – LinkedIn recommendations.

2. Popularity – Example – Social Mentions ( Tweets, LinkedIn Updates, FB posts, etc) about you in kudos posts by people who have worked with you.

3. Sphere of Influence – Example – Connections in LinkedIn, Followers to your Blog, Twitter Handle, FB Page

4. Expertise in Subject Matter – Example – Blog articles, Your Comments in Blog threads related to the subject, Sharing in social media, etc

In today’s world – rest assured that no-one will hire you without doing a background search of your digital footprint. A simple google search would bring out a lot of interesting facts ? Therefore make sure what people see is what you want them to see.




By making sure you are paying attention to Social Proof – you could accomplish 2 important things –

1. You will always be on top of the hot skills (and therefore working towards acquiring them )

2. You will be able to market yourself effectively to your prospective employers for those hot skills.

And this is applicable universally, irrespective of your field of interest.


I would love to hear about your experiences and examples. Please share via commenting.

If you feel this is useful, please SHARE it with your friends. appreciate it. thanks. anupam


Anupam Bonanthaya is an experienced Customer Success Marketer and the Founder of CustomerRivet – The Social Proof Marketing Experts – Hosted Our-Customers Page

Get More Leads and More Conversions by Optimizing the use of Testimonials, Success Stories, Case Studies, Videos, Reviews, Customer Photos, Tweets, or any other Social Proof, in your Marketing.

Ask for a Demo today to see how it can help “Transform Your Customer Success Marketing”. OR Contact Anupam Bonanthaya via LinkedIn



Special Thanks to Bob Clary, Marketing Manager at Webucator for offering free online training to our readers as part of their Most Marketable Skill Campaign. This month’s topic is Microsoft Powerpoint.

Feel free to write to Bob ( or visit their Twitter Page for any questions/clarifications



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