Why Customer Testimonials ?

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Customer Testimonials are an extremely powerful sales tool for a business for the following 5 Reasons

1. Voice of your Customer has less skepticism compared to your marketing messages.  Less surprisingly, Studies from Wall Street Journal show that, 92% of consumers have more confidence in what your customers are saying than they do in anything that comes from the company media.

2. Testimonials from existing customers help provide the much needed assurance to new prospects during sales, thus helping close deals quicker. According to Bazaarvoice.com, with customer testimonials you can boost sales conversion to by more than 20%.

3. Testimonials play a big role even during the lead generation stage. Visitors are highly likely to get interested in your offering and spend more time on your site if they are welcomed by impressive quotes from your existing customers. 

(Want to know about smart successful companies that use customer testimonials as the central marketing piece on their home page ? #1. Best Examples of Customer Testimonials on the Home Page )

4. Testimonials add the zing to your content strategy. In today’s world where content is the king, customer content in the form of testimonials is very valuable in helping get the traction with your audience for your marketing campaigns. customer stories have high engagement levels.

5. Not having testimonials has a huge repelling effect. prospects want to totally avoid businesses that cannot provide proof of a good experience from its existing customers. You might have many happy customers, but not having any public proof points means that you are high risk.

Summary: Irrespective of what you’re selling, you need to showcase what you’re existing customers are saying about you, through your customer testimonials.

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Now over to you. What are your reasons ? please share your views by commenting. thanks.

by Anupam Bonanthaya




Anupam Bonanthaya is an experienced Customer Success Marketer and the Founder of CustomerRivet – The Social Proof Marketing Experts

Rivet.ly – Hosted Our-Customers Page

Get More Leads and More Conversions by Optimizing the use of Testimonials, Success Stories, Case Studies, Videos, Reviews, Customer Photos, Tweets, or any other Social Proof, in your Marketing.

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5 thoughts on “Why Customer Testimonials ?

  1. Do you trust customer testimonials on websites?

    There are a couple of things that make a particular testimonial interesting and persuasive. 1. Is there clear description of the challenges faced before, benefits found after and is it accurate. 2. Does it feature a real person? Can I contact that pers…

  2. Stephanie, what you have is a good example of a well written testimonial.
    You might want to think about covering a little more about the customer though. eg. Raymond Floyd, Jr. Top American Golfer who would love to focus on his game and not worry about the logistics of getting to the venue … or something on those lines …you know what i am saying

    • Hello, Anupam! Many thanks for your feedback! I was very happy to receive such a wonderful testimonial from Raymond Floyd, Jr. I keep things simple and honest, and I don’t feel the need to editorialize or explain a testimonial, as I feel that my clients’ kind words speak for themselves. Thank you!

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